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24 Hour Pest Control Services

Young’s Pest Control

BPCAYoungs Pest Control offer localised pest control services around the clock for professional solutions to residential, commercial and agricultural pest problems. On call twenty four hours, seven days a week and cover the whole of the Manchester, Stockport and Liverpool areas and are fully insured and licensed practitioners in the pest control field and our customer-centered services are second to none. Furthermore, our well-trained and experienced pest control technicians are experts in a wide-range of pest control methods.

Why should you use our pest control company?

Do-it-yourself home remedies for pest infestations are not advised due to the low success rate and the risks posed to the amateur practitioner. As a npta logoprofessional pest control company our team of experts have a high rate of success with resolving pest problems and are capable of dealing with infestations with minimal risk to themselves and to others in the vicinity. Pest control should be left to the professionals and if you call upon our expert services you will be in safe hands.

Where in Manchester is pest and rodent control available?

Brown RatOur network of professional pest control services are branched out across a variety of localities, predominantly in Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside.chas

  • If you have pest problems in Manchester our pest control services can give you a helping hand. Our Manchester pest control services will provide professional solutions to all your pest problems.

Bee and wasp nest removal.

Not everybody wants bees in their backyard and wild bees may not be as docile as those associated with commercial apiaries. Few Constructionline logowould welcome the presence of an active wasp nest in their home or workplace due to the risks it poses. Some species of bee, like some wasp species, possess venomous stings which are painful and can cause dangerous allergic reactions. Our pest control technicians are experts in the safe removal of bees and wasps nests.

Rodent control.

Rodent infestation is undesirable in domestic, commercial or agricultural settings. Rodents spread disease, damage electrics, plumbing and gas lines. Each year the agricultural sector suffers losses due to rodents raiding crops, attacking livestock and contaminating food in storage. If you have rats or mice give us a call and our rodent control operatives will get rid of them for you.

Bird proofing and bird control.

Bird faeces, alongside causing an unsightly mess in urban centers, spreads diseases which can be transmitted humans, livestock and pets. Birds can also cause significant economic damage to the agricultural sector by feeding on commercial crops. If you have a problem with birds, be it pigeons or seagulls, we can solve the problem with netting and bird spikes.

Mole removal.

Mole Moles are the bane of many a gardener’s life due to the destruction their earthy mounds cause to neat, well-kept lawns. Molehills also pose a safety risk because people can trip over them and suffer serious injury. We are mole removal experts and have a variety of methods for getting rid of these common garden pests, including mole traps, to make your garden mole-free.

Flea control.

Getting rid of fleas is tricky and home-made remedies seldom succeed at eradicating an infestation, perpetuating the problem along the health risks it poses. We are adept at ending flea infestations so our clients can rest assured that fleas in their homes are gone for good. Our flea control technicians, through the use of methods such as flea fumigation, are trained to destroy fleas in all stages of the life-cycle.

Bedbug control.

Cimex lectularius, the Common Bedbug, is well-adapted to domestic environments and feeds on human blood. These parasitic insects, which bear a superficial resemblance to tiny lentils, emerge from their hiding places at night to feed upon their sleeping, unsuspecting hosts. Our pest control technicians are experts in resolving bedbug infestations and come forearmed with the necessary equipment and materials for tackling this problem.

Woodworm treatment.

Woodworm are not worms but the larvae of various wood-boring beetle species that cause significant damage to structural timber and wooden furniture, culminating in a less attractive and potentially unsafe living environment that can result in lower property values. If you discover woodworm in your property contact us and we shall perform our highly successful woodworm control treatment.

General insect control.wasp control

Throughout the year, especially in summer, residential and commercial buildings may be infested by a variety of pest insects which may cause issues from low-level annoyance to serious health risks. If you are having problems with insect pests give us a call and we will be able to help you. Our professional pest control services are able to deal with an array insect infestations including ants, beetles, cockroaches, flies and more.

Fox, rabbit and squirrel Control and Removal services.

Foxes are a nuisance in rural areas because they attack livestock such as poultry and they are becoming a problem in urban areas too. Rabbits cause damage to the agricultural industry, doing considerable damage to the economy by feeding on commercial crops. Grey squirrels are known pests and are culpable in the decline of the native red squirrel population. Our pest control and removal services can get rid of these pests in a humane and efficient manner.

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