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Young’s Pest Control: Keeping Your Home and Workplace Pest-free

BPCAAs experts in pest control Manchester, we offer localised, 24 hour pest control Manchester services for professional solutions to commercial, residential, agricultural, and residential pest problems. You can reach us any time of the day and night and on any day of the week for a quick and lasting solution to your pest problem. At the moment, we cover Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Oldham, Stockport, and Bolton areas. We are fully insured and our staff have undergone intensive and extensive training in pest removal and control. Our services are customer-centred and second to none. In addition, our pest control technicians are skilled and experienced, making them experts in various pest control Manchester methods. They will be able to pick a method that solves your specific problem.

Why You Should Use Our Pest control Company
Do-it-yourself remedies for pest control Manchester achieve very low success rates and pose great risks to amateur practitioners, and are therefore not recommended. Similarly, some pest control companies that may not give a permanent solution to your pest problem. As professionals in pest control, our experts achieve high success rates, resolve pest problems, and can deal with infestations without posing any risk to themselves or any other person in the vicinity. Pest control should be a preserve of skilled professionals who understand it and not amateurs. When you engage our expert services, you can always be sure that you are in safe hands. We boast of a network of pest control services with branches across various localities, predominantly in Merseyside, Greater Manchester, and Cheshire. If you experience any pest problems in Manchester, we can come to your rescue. We will provide a professional and lasting solution to any pest problem you may have. We are way ahead of other pest control companies in the region.

Bee & Wasp Nest Removal
wasp on nestNot everybody is comfortable with bees in his or her backyard as wild bees are not as docile as those found in commercial apiaries. Similarly, few people would want an active wasp net in their workplace or home due to the various risks it poses. Some have even tried using a wasp killer to eradicate the insects. Some bee and wasp species have venomous stings that are not only painful but can also cause very dangerous allergic reactions on both humans and livestock. Our expert bee and wasp nest removal technicians will safely remove any wasps or bees nest in your home or workplace.

Rodent Control
Rodent infestation is not a desirable occurrence in commercial, agricultural or domestic settings. Rodents are capable of spreading diseases and damaging electric, gas, and plumbing lines in the home and workplace. The agricultural sector incurs huge losses as a result of rodents raiding crops, contaminating food during storage, and attacking livestock. There are cases where these rodent attack on livestock have ended in the death of livestock. If you find mice or rats in your home or workplace, contact us and our experts in rodent control will be right there to help you get rid of them. They use a number of methods such as the rat exterminator to get rid of the rodents.

Bird Control and Bird Proofing
Bird faeces not only cause a mess in urban centres, but also spread diseases that can be transmitted to humans, pets, and livestock. In addition, birds are also known to cause a great economic damage in agriculture by feeding on crops. If you have any problem whatsoever with birds, be it seagulls or pigeons, we can help you solve the problem with bird spikes and netting.

Mole Removal
Many gardeners can do anything to get rid of moles because of the destruction caused by their earthly mounds. These mounds can destroy neat, well-kept lawns and create a total mess in the home. Mole hills are also a safety risk because it is quite easy to trip over them and injure yourself. As mole experts, we have various methods such as trapping to get rid of these garden pests. We shall ensure your garden is mole-free, and with that neat and well-kempt look you have always desired.

Flea Control


flea control

Fleas are difficult to get rid of and most home-made remedies do not succeed in eradicating a flea infestation. These remedies, in fact, perpetuate the problem alongside the health risks they pose. We are experts in flea control and will help you end flea infestations once and for all. Once we are done, you can rest assured that all the fleas in your home are gone forever. Our flea control technicians use methods such as flea fumigation to get rid of the pests. They are highly trained to destroy all the stages of the pests’ life cycle without posing any risks to your family members, pets or livestock

Bedbug Control
Cimex lectularius is the scientific name for the common bedbug whose main food is human blood. It is well-adapted to all domestic environments and can survive in harsh conditions for a long time waiting for its host. These parasitic insects closely resemble tiny lentils. They emerge from their hiding places during the night to feed on the blood of their hosts, who are usually asleep and unsuspecting. Our technicians are experts in eradicating bedbugs. Upon giving us a call, they will arrive at your premises or home with all the necessary materials and equipment to tackle this problem for good.

Woodworm Treatment
Woodworms are not really worms. They are actually larvae of a number of wood-boring beetle species that greatly damage wooden furniture and structural timber. This culminates in a potentially unsafe and less attractive living environment. It can also cause a significant decline in a property values. If you realize you have woodworms in your property, feel free to contact us, and our experts will be there to carry out a woodworm control treatment. We have recorded a very high success rate in our past undertakings.

General Insect Control
Throughout the year, particularly in summer, many commercial and residential buildings are infested by various pest insects. These insects may cause various issues ranging from annoyance to health risks. If you have any problem with insect pests, do not hesitate to contact us, and will be glad to help you. Our expert pest removal and control services will deal with various insect infestations, including flies, cockroaches, beetles, and ants among many others. At the moment, we cover Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Oldham, Stockport, and Bolton and offer 24 hour pest control Manchester services.

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Great service all round , Very happy


I was really happy with the service from Young’s pest control today. The service carried out was domestic rat infestation and proofing. Great service thank you again

by clare bradley on Youngs Pest Control

Very pleased with the professional service from Youngs who carried out all the promises they made from contact to elimination of the problem.
Offered good advise for our problem!
FAB customer service and working Saturday was a real bonus!

by Lewis Pickering on Youngs Pest Control

Contacted youngs a few days ago as I needed them to remove a wasp nest from my loft

They came today and removed the nest


Called today as we have found a wasp nest in our garden shed as Rick was only round the corner lucky enough for us he popped out


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