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Greater Manchester Pest Control

pest control cockroachNo one likes to see their home or business overrun with pests. Apart from the obvious trouble they can cause with scurrying, buzzing and lurking about there are concerns with what damage they might be doing to the property and what health hazards they might be causing to people that come in contact with the outbreak. There’s also the concern that a small infestation can quickly grow to a large outbreak if not handled properly and professionally. It pays to call a professional to quickly, effectively and humanely deal with any pest infestations – whether small or full blown problems. Young’s Greater Manchester Pest Control has the expertise and equipment to handle both domestic and commercial pest removal problems and operates as a 24 hour service since they know an outbreak can be detected at any time.

Young’s Greater Manchester Pest Control covers a variety of pest infestations:

  • Stinging Insects
  • Small Mammals
  • Crawling Bugs
  • Structural Pests

Stinging Insects like wasps, bumble bees and honey bees are territorial in nature, guarding their hive at times aggressively. They pose a serious health risk to any who approach too close and their stings can be lethal to those who are allergic. Although the hives typically do not cause any property damage, the possible dangers of being stung are not to be taken lightly. If the infestation is at a commercial site, then loss of business is inevitable. In these cases the hive must be disposed of properly and the remaining swarm collected so no new hive can be established in it’s place.

Small Mammals like mice, grey squirrels and rats are health risks as well as possible destroyers of property. These rodents love to chew and will gnaw their way through walls, paper, food stuffs and anything else they can creating mess and destruction in their wake. As disease carriers, these vermin run health risks as well. To be sure that infestations are completely taken care of, professional care is required. Young’s Greater Manchester pest control services can effectively and humanely handle infestations of small mammals.

Black antCrawling Insects such as ants, fleas and bedbugs are health risks as well as annoyances. These insects in particular can pose serious problems if found in a domestic situation and the owners take it upon themselves to do-it-yourself. The pesticides used to eradicate bed bugs, for example, can be harsh and if not used correctly can harm the occupants without actually eliminating the pests. Bed bugs can cause loss of sleep resulting in serious health concerns like depression causing people to act irrationally; it is far better to call professionals to make sure the problem is solved correctly and without additional damage done to those living at the residence.

Structural Pests – pests that live in the walls or the material of buildings are the least obvious to spot, but arguably do the most damage. Infestations of termites and woodworm can degrade the structural integrity of a building and should be dealt with quickly and by professionals to reduce the damage dealt.