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Wasp nest removal prices

Manchester Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

Wasp facts

  • Vespa crabro, the European hornet native to Britain, is larger than Vespula vulgaris and Vespula germanica, the Common and German wasps.
  • wasp-150x150Some wasps, hornets included, are eusocial and form colonies founded by a queen housed in a nest made from chewed up wood.
  • Hornet nests are found at altitude, on tree branches and the eaves of buildings.
  • The height of wasp activity is in the late Summer and early Autumn, and the “silly season” refers to workers becoming intoxicated by alcohol produced by fermenting fruit. At this time, wasps are more aggressive, therefore more likely to sting.
  • When there is a wasp nest established in a place of human activity, at home or the workplace, a state of conflict may arise between vespid and hominid. Wasps harass humans for food, and will attack anything perceived as a threat to the colony, including humans.
  • Wasp stings can be fatal to some humans, and to other animals, due to anaphylactic shock. Anaphylaxis is not always predictable; individuals with no history of allergic response to stings can still suffer anaphylactic reaction to venom. The more stings, the greater the danger, but a solitary sting can be life-threatening.
  • Wasps can be as unsanitary as flies, posing a hygiene risk in kitchens and dining areas.

What should be done when a wasp nest is discovered?

  • When a wasp nest is established amongst a human habitation, the best course of action is to contact Manchester wasp removal¬†services without delay.
  • Manchester Wasp control services come prepared for the perilous task with the necessary training and experience for professional, successful Manchester wasp nest removal treatment.
  • Amateurs attempting wasp colony eradication put themselves and others at risk. Only professionals can perform Manchester wasp nest removal treatment with the least risk to themselves and to those nearby.
  • Safe and effective Manchester wasp nest removal treatment requires specialist equipment that wasp control services possess, and non-professionals lack.


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