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Why You Should Engage Pest Control Companies

Pests and rodents damage clothes, floors and walls. The annoying part is that pests thrive in any environment and all periods of the year. Rodents are especially notorious for breeding during winter because it is difficult for mice to find food on a snow-covered ground, so they rely on the reserves they store away during […]

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Rats in the Winter Months

Homes throughout the Manchester are all too familiar with the problems that winter brings, especially where rodents are concerned. The plummeting temperatures cause rats and mice to seek shelter in warmer areas usually found inside homes. The often annoying scratching noises they make as they run through the roof is the least of the problems […]

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Pest Control in the Winter Months

While many people would assume that pest control in the winter months would be easier, they could not be more wrong. It might be difficult to spot them outdoors but that does not mean that they have ceased to exist all together. In a quest for survival, many of these pests seek to find the […]

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Wasp Nest Treatment

The various species of social wasps living in Manchester are adapted to live in natural shelters such as animal burrows and tree hollows which makes human habitations appealing locations to establish their colonies. Whether it is a garden shed, a garage, a loft or a spare bedroom all it takes is a solitary queen to […]

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Rats Don’t Care That It’s Christmas!

This Christmas season is marked with festivities and celebrations. However, it is paramount to realize that pests do not care that it is Christmas and will still damage your stuff nonetheless.

We Offer 24 hours Service
Our company offers a round the clock pest control service that ensures professional solutions to your residential, agricultural and commercial pest […]

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Mice Don’t Care its Christmas

Christmas is a day to celebrate with friends and family. It is an awesome experience if all Christmas events are held in nice and clean environments. Avoid cutting short the fun and laughter with a crisis of mice infestation. Mice can contact food stored in a house with bacteria and viruses. Such contaminated food can […]

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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!



Our Team wishes you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!

And dont worry we are still open if you have any problems

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Mice Love Christmas Too!

On a recent visit to a suspected mouse infestation I discovered something new about mice – they love mincemeat pies!

An older couple had suspicions that there were mice in the house but could not figure out where they were or how they were getting in. From their description of the noises I started my investigation […]

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Christmas Visitors – You Don’t Want a Flea Infestation!

As with other pests at this time of year, fleas are using any means possible to gain access to your warm, dry home and before you know it you can have a flea infestation.

My colleague very recently told me her story of woe after getting a new kitten. It’s the time when we are putting […]

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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Bed bugs. Instantly makes most of us think of dirty homes and unclean beds. However, this is not the case as they are not attracted to dirt – although it would appear that they don’t mind the state of their chosen resting place!

The worst affected places seem to be short-term dwellings such as hostels, hotels […]

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