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DIY vs Youngs – why choose us?

Getting rid of pests is never pleasant but, with over 20 years’ experience, our fully trained staff are experts at getting the job done – for good. Tackling the task yourself may sound tempting in order to save a few pennies, but pest control is one area where it really does pay to bring in…

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Why customers should use professional pest control services.

Foxes are very adventurous animals who survive and do very well in different environments. These animals go to look for food at night. It is because they are more active during the evening. They stroll for Carcasses and hunt for small animals such as rabbits and many others. During the Autumn they eat a lot…

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Wild Rabbits


Wild Rabbits Wild rabbits are primarily nocturnal animals and it is generally at night when they will wander further away from the safety of their warrens. With that in mind, therefore, it is easier to spot a considerably larger number of the animals during the night than it is to do so during the light…

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What Sets Us Apart from Bolton Council Pest Control

bolton council pest control

Did you know that Bolton is one of the worst areas in the country for pest control callouts? That’s right. And if your home is affected, you want to be sure that you’re choosing the best pest control service for the job. While you could contact Bolton Council Pest Control, there are several important distinctions…

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Have You Found A Wasp Nest In Your Shed?

The old wasp nest in shed trick: It is cold out, in the wee hours of a late spring morning, there is gardening to do and going to the shed half asleep is all but routine every Saturday to get tools, as the door to the shed is approached a faint buzzing sound can be…

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Fleas Driving You Mad? We Talk Flea Control Treatments

Flea control treatment is one of the main concerns of pest management. Dealing with these parasites is not easy. When searching for products that can eradicate flea in pets, many people have a hard time identifying the most effective formula. Flea control  Treatment companies capitalize on marketing their brands at the expense of creating solutions.…

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Why Manchester Pest Control is Important.

Using a Manchester pest control service is an important part of ridding yourself of nuisance pests. We can help with a great variety of these nuisance pests – from ants and wasps, beetles and cockroaches through to birds, foxes, and rodents. If an animal or insect is causing dismay or damage, we can offer you…

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The Problem With Pest Control

In our society, there is a massive drive for cleanliness; scientific journals and magazines regularly inform us that we need to throw our old food out, keep our houses clean, wash regularly, etc. Whilst it is not only socially acceptable to keep yourself and your property clean but scientifically and historically, there is lots of…

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What’s Greater Manchester Pest Control?

So whats pest control here in the Greater Manchester area  it may be the wasp nest attached to the side of the house or the scurrying paws back and forth across the floor, every person at some point has shared a part of their daily life with nuisance pests. In the United Kingdom the following…

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