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The Dangers Of A Bee Infestation In Your Home

bee infestation

You do not want bees in or anywhere near your home. A bee infestation in your home can be a very serious problem, and if you find a hive in or near you’re home, you should not try to get rid of it by yourself. Removing a beehive can be dangerous even for professionals with…

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How to Deal With (And Prevent) a Moth Infestation

moth infestation

The Telegraph reports a horrific story of a woman who tried to be good to the planet by using eco-friendly wool insulation. But what she got was a massive moth infestation and over ? 10,000 in damage. A moth infestation is no joke. If left untreated, it can cost you. But fortunately, there are some…

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The Most Common Causes Of Bedbugs

causes of bedbugs

Your bedroom is the one place in your home where you can relax and find solace. That’s why bedbugs are a real problem when they enter your life. But how did they appear in the first place? These pesky little bugs can show up in any household across Britain and there’s no known reason why…

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Discovering that pests have invaded your premises can be a distressing and alarming event and it’s tempting to think you can save money by tackling the problem yourself. However, this may not be a good idea. Although it may seem cheaper and more convenient to deal with the problem yourself, it may end up costing…

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5 Effective Methods of Ant Pest Control

ant pest control

Living with an ant colony nearby? That may not sound like a big deal until you realize ant colonies can contain thousands of ants. And they’re all looking for food. Sometimes, that food is your food. If you’ve seen ants in or around your house, read this ant pest control guide and find out how…

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Do You Need A Pest Control Company

Brown rat

Do You Need A Pest Control Company Have you been trying to control nuisance pests on your farm using a do-it-yourself method, with no success? It is time to hire a pest control expert; we offer professional solutions in controlling the infection in areas, such as in residential, farms, and commercial centres. Our localised pest…

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DIY vs Youngs – why choose us?

Getting rid of pests is never pleasant but, with over 20 years’ experience, our fully trained staff are experts at getting the job done – for good. Tackling the task yourself may sound tempting in order to save a few pennies, but pest control is one area where it really does pay to bring in…

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Why customers should use professional pest control services.

Foxes are very adventurous animals who survive and do very well in different environments. These animals go to look for food at night. It is because they are more active during the evening. They stroll for Carcasses and hunt for small animals such as rabbits and many others. During the Autumn they eat a lot…

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Wild Rabbits


Wild Rabbits Wild rabbits are primarily nocturnal animals and it is generally at night when they will wander further away from the safety of their warrens. With that in mind, therefore, it is easier to spot a considerably larger number of the animals during the night than it is to do so during the light…

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The Importance of Humane Pest Control

humane pest control

Pests are an annoying but common part of household and residential life. But did you know that there’s a way to humanely deal with any pest problem you may have? Non-lethal deterrence methods are an accepted practice for getting your pest issues under control. Whether you’re a homeowner or businessperson in Greater Manchester with a…

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