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Problems With Pests in Standish

Pests are harmful creatures that enter your area and seriously endanger your health and the environment. Because of this, some people prefer to remove them in several ways, such as pesticides. Unfortunately, that does not always work. Pests are rarely endangered and are quite smart. When they realize that they are sought to be killed,…

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How Shaw Pest Control Can Help You?

ShawPest Control & Removal Services

Pests can be summed up as undesirable, insects plants, germs and other creepy crawlies, that meddle with human action. They may obliterate crops, harm property, bite or generally make our lives progressively troublesome. Rodents devour and taint around 20 per cent of the world’s nourishment supply each year. Without proper pest control, half your foodstuff…

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Why We Need Pest Control

Part of keeping our home safe for our families involves controlling pests and their colonies from our surroundings. Pests can be a nuisance with their bites, noise and dirt from their droppings. The worst part is that pests cause and spread diseases that can be quite dangerous to our health and that of our loved…

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The best way to control masonry and miner bees in Manchester

Most bees are social insects, meaning that they live in colonies. There are also few solitary species such as the masonry and miner bees. Unlike paper wasps and honey bees in Manchester, each bee lives in its own nest instead of a well-defended colony. Both masonry bees and miner bees can cause destruction to your…

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masonry bees & miner bees

Masonry bees are a common problem in homes and gardens as they physically burrow into the ground or take advantage of crevices and holes in a house’s structure to create a nest. If your home has a nest made by miner bees, the best thing to do is to get a local pest control company…

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Masonry Bees – The Red Mason Bee in Manchester

Most of us won’t be aware of Manchester masonry (or mortar) bees – as they are very similar looking to honey bees – albeit a bit smaller. Unlike honeybees, Manchester masonry bees are not social and do not nest in colonies making typical bees nests.  Instead they use small holes in stonework – hence the term…

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Pest Control – How do I choose the right company?

Manchester Pests, such as wasps, bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, moths, rodents, pigeons, and moles are a common problem in most homes. Regardless of the species, they are at the very least a major irritant, and at worse, deadly carrier of diseases. The most common kind of pests, such as wasp, delivers painful stings. Another common pest…

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Manchester Honey Bee Removal

When it comes to Manchester pest control, the honey bee is not often the first animal we think of. This familiar yellow and black critter is an important and useful animal for pollination of many food crops and the production of honey, but it can also become a pest. Keeping bees for the production of…

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Black Garden Ant Lasius niger

black garden ant The black garden ant, or Lasius niger, is a common pest and their nests can be found in many gardens throughout the United Kingdom. Adult worker ants are approximately 5mm in length, while Queen ants are significantly larger. Garden ants can be a nuisance due to their tendency to locate and eat…

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