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pest control – pest types

Wild Rabbits


Wild Rabbits Wild rabbits are primarily nocturnal animals and it is generally at night when they will wander further away from the safety of their warrens. With that in mind, therefore, it is easier to spot a considerably larger number of the animals during the night than it is to do so during the light…

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Harleyquins LadyBirds are in Manchester

Ladybirds are a well-loved insect, associated with our UK summer, yet, over the last decade, our native ladybirds have come under growing threat from an invasive species of Harlequins Lady Birds deliberately introduced from Asia, to help with aphid control. Since then, Harlequins Lady Birds have spread from the south, and are found throughout Manchester…

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Remove Pests from your Home Using a Professional Pest Control Service

Remove Pests from your Home Using a Professional Pest Control Service Highly populated areas of the UK such as Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, and Warrington are not only home to families, but also to many species of pests. Ants, beetles, bedbugs and wasps are just a few of the commonly unwanted invaders of UK homes. Fortunately,…

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Pigeon Control Solutions in Manchester


Pigeon Control Pigeon control is necessary for owners of homes and buildings in cities, rural areas and farms. The structural damage to rooftops, window frames and sills and other places where the birds like to gather is often expensive. However, humane bird proofing like pigeon spikes and netting by professional pest controllers is reasonably priced…

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Manchester Pigeon Control Is Best Left To Professionals

Pigeon Control Is Best Left To Professionals In the United Kingdom, it is a common incidence for many urban areas to be affected by bird infestation problems. One such species that has been known to cause extensive damage is the pigeon. Allowing pigeons to inhabit buildings and houses has so many potential drawbacks. What might…

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Manchester Pigeon Control: Humane and Effective

Pigeon Control: Humane and Effective Pigeons like to live in cities as well as on farms. Because they congregate where people live and work, pigeon control is necessary. The number of birds and their personal habits of using human buildings and homes for nesting makes the damage they can cause to human property frequent and…

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Wood Boring Insects and Removal Treatment

Wood Boring Insects and Removal Treatment • Woodworm First there is the woodworm. The woodworm is not a specific beetle; rather, it’s a generic term used to describe all types of beetles during their larvae stages, in which they infest and consume wood. Adult beetles carry and then lay their eggs on the surface of…

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Wood Boring Insect Treatment

Wood Boring Insect Treatment Woodworm infestations cause a great deal of damage to homes in Manchester, and properly removing the pests is the only way to avoid serious structural problems. Manchester Wood boring insects breed and spread quickly. Upon detecting the insects, a professional wood boring insect treatment should be undertaken as quickly as possible.…

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ANTS ARE NO PICNIC! Not only are ants a pest at picnics but they can also be invasive in gardens, workshops and home structures. In fact some species can actually ruin the foundation of your home by eating out the wood to make them a home in your space! Garden ants even make holes through…

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