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Everything you need to know about Pest Control!

Pest Control

Pests are sneaky home invaders, either an insect or animal that are destructive to property. Pest comes in multiple forms that we are going to discuss below.   Rats, Mice & Squirrels Rats, mice & Squirrels are undoubtedly the most destructive pests of all time due to their ability to chew through fabric. In addition,…

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The Need for Professional Pest Control Services

Pest Infestation Removal Services

Pests can make life miserable, whether it’s at home or business premises. The minute you realise there’s a pest problem at your place, you must find solutions to them immediately. Pests such as termites, bedbugs, and rodents can cause irreparable damage. The longer you leave an infestation unresolved, the more the destruction. Think about insects…

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Experiencing a Silverfish infestation in Manchester?

Are you a Manchester resident with a pest control problem? In particular, do you have a problem with silver fish? Despite the name silver fish are not fish at all; instead they are small, wingless insects of blue-grey colour. They are called “fish” because of the appearance, the colour and a scaly skin, combined with…

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Choosing The Right Manchester Pest Control

The UK is very much an “it’ll never happen to me” society right now. This is the direct result of a lot of changes that have occurred in recent years, but unfortunately it is that attitude that will see your home overrun with pest this spring. With the clocks going forward shortly, many will begin…

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Making Your Garden A Manchester Pest Control Free Zone

Although we obviously offer Manchester pest control services and pests provide us with our business, the more you know about how to prevent pests the better. After all, there is nothing worse than having critters take over your home… or garden for that matter. In fact, that is how many of them get into your…

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Manchester Pest Control And Planning Ahead For Spring!

Spring is on the way! If you are anything like me then you will be unbelievably happy about it – the sun, the warmer temperatures, the lighter mornings, the pests spring up in abundance… OK, all but the last one anyway. Unfortunately with warmer weather comes more little pests to ruin your day, from Manchesters…

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DIY Manchester Pest Control: Plugging Up The Gaps!

In my last blog on here, I mentioned plugging up the gaps in your home as a solution to keeping pests on the outside of your home instead of letting them sneak their way into your lovely warm habitat. This Manchester pest control blog post is all about making sure that you know how to…

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Beware Of The Bins!

I love Christmas but have to say that the aftermath is not pleasant. The credit card bills, the amount of stuff that has to be thrown away, January blues… and this year we have the worst weather in so many years that it has brought the entire country to a standstill. Unfortunately, that has meant…

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